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Beautiful salon in a gorgeous old building. Stylist (Wendy) was lovely and knew exactly what I wanted after a short consultation and gave some very good advice on other questions regarding upkeep and ideas for future treatments.
Natalie Taljaard
11 dagen geleden
19 dagen geleden
Katerina Sennikova
24 dagen geleden
Excellent haircut, but service was rushed and rough. My hair was handled roughly and pulled about during the cut and blowdry. Please note - I never usually feel like this. A big part of the reason was likely that in their eyes I was 15 minutes late - they had my appointment booked in for 345pm although I had booked it in for 4pm (and this was the time on my text and email confirmation as well), so they had someone booked in very soon after me. After the cut was finished, I said, "Can I give you some feedback? The cut looks great, but it felt really rough to me. I know you were in a rush and that wasn't your fault, but it was also not my fault that the booking was in your system 15m early." (Note, I almost never speak up about this kind of thing. In fact I am known to walk out of a salon with a style I don't like just because I'm too embarrassed to say I don't like it.) I was just feeling really pretty stressed out about how I had been treated from the moment I walked into the salon - with a greeting that "Oh, you're late, I don't know if we can fit you in".) And she said "Oh, I'm just a fast cutter" and "You have Asian hair, so it's harder to handle" and "Sorry, we couldn't do anything about that." Excuse me? I've had many, many haircuts and never felt so pulled about. She even glared at me as I paid. To be fair, she then gave me quite a big discount as didn't charge me for styling (which I think is right as I repeatedly said they didn't have to style me since they were in a rush with my so-called '15 min late arrival'). All in all I came away feeling really stressed out by both the haircut and the interaction with my hairdresser. I know it's not a big deal... and it's just a haircut - and it was a really good one, and she gave me a discount in the end - but when it's one of the few hours you have to sit and be quiet and pampered a little, it's disappointing. And the reaction to my feedback was pretty unprofessional. Again, I so rarely post this kind of feedback - usually I'm always "this is great! You're great!!" but this time I had to say something and my main message here for my hairdresser and for this Aveda salon in general is that how you listen to a customer's feedback is so important, and can turn a bad experience into a positive one.
één maand geleden
Suzan Carfil
2 maanden geleden
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Feeling like taking a beauty break after a day of heavy shopping in The Hague? Or do you just want to relax after a long day at work? Visit hair and beauty salon Aveda, located in the heart of the city. The team’s motto is: ‘with a listening and caring team we strive to be your daymaker’. So visit this unique salon and sit back and relax while you get a new haircut, a manicure or one of the other beauty treatments.


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