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Grow a beard,then we will talk
Op twee locaties in Amsterdam kun je terecht bij Barber om als man even de tijd voor jezelf te nemen. Loop binnen in de conceptstore Hutspot op de Van Woustraat, ga... more

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Temporarily unavailable to make a booking
The Connery 20 min
This is a perfect headshave for all you baldies! Hot & cold towels included.
€ 25.00
The Dude 25 min
A nice trim and touch up for your beard and/or moustache, finished with an icecold towel and good moisturizer. Ideal for a quick lunch break, interview or date!
€ 35.00
The Morrison 30 min
A full hot towel and straight razor shave. This extremely relaxing and addicting ritual is designed to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair. Go smooth!
€ 40.00
The Dean 30 min
By popular demand, a haircut to finish off your perfect shave or trim. We are your one-stop shop right before that night out, or rock ‘n’ roll wedding.
€ 40.00
The Obi-Wan 40 min
This is the extended treatment for all men who enjoy the good life.. First, a facial cleanse, followed by a perfect trim or shave. Also included: relaxing hot and... more
€ 50.00
The Starsky & Hutch 55 min
Why not book a double treatment while you’re at it? This treatment combines a shave or a beardtrim with a great haircut.
€ 69.00
The Hemingway 55 min
Go all the way with our full face and shave treatment. Included are a facial scrub, beard trim or a hot towel straight razor shave, a facial mask, facial massage... more
€ 75.00


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