Treatwell Rewards

Treatwell Rewards

Earn points and collect €10 and €25 vouchers

Say hello to easy booking, endless choices, and discounts off your favourite treatments - with Treatwell Rewards.

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Earn points every time you book

Points add up fast, and are automatically added to your balance each time you book.

€1spent=Up to 3 pointsearned

Pro tip: Pay in advance to earn more points.

How it works

It's simple, really. The more you book, the more you can earn.

  1. Book

    Make sure you're logged in to your account, then find your favourite treatments, and book them via our app or website.

  2. Earn

    Choose how to pay - either online or at the venue, and collect up to 3 points for every €1 you spend.

  3. Redeem

    When you reach your rewards milestones, redeem them for discounts of €10 or €25 off your next booking.

View it all in our app

Your points balance and loyalty vouchers will be visible in your profile section. The best way to view this is via our app.

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We want to make your Treatwell Rewards experience the best it can be. So, you can contact us at any time by following this link. But for now, here's the most common questions about our Rewards programme to get you started.

“Treatwell Rewards Points” are loyalty points that can be earned when a booking is made directly through the Treatwell app or website. Treatwell Rewards Points can be accumulated into 2 'Points Milestones': 1500 points for a €10 voucher and 2500 for a €25 voucher. Any Treatwell Rewards Points below a Points Milestone will not be available for redemption and will remain on the Member’s account until the relevant Points Milestone is achieved, or the Rewards Points expire. Treatwell Rewards Points will be visible within the "My Rewards programme" section of a Members profile, so that milestones can be tracked.

Treatwell Rewards Points are earned when you make a booking directly through our app or website, only. You'll earn 3 points for every €1 spent when paying in advance (when you select 'online payment' at the payment step), or 1 point for every €1 spent when you pay at the salon (when 'pay-at-venue' is selected at the payment step).

The short answer, no. However, when you choose to pay online you can earn 3 points per €1 (vs 1 point per €1 when paying at the salon), which means your points balance will grow even faster.

Points from a qualifying purchase will be visible in your points balance after your booking is made. Points will remain in a 'pending' state until you have been to your appointment. Once the salon confirms you have attended your appointment, your points will be 'redeemable' in your points balance within 24-48 hours.

You can view all active points in your profile section, via our app or website.

When you reach a Treatwell Rewards Milestone, you can convert your points into loyalty discount vouchers of either €10 or €25, which can then be found in the 'voucher section' of your profile.

Via the Treatwell app. Your loyalty vouchers will appear as a payment method option during the checkout stage when you reach the payment step (if the 'online payment' option is selected), making it easy to redeem your discounts. These vouchers are redeemable only via our app and cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other promotional code or voucher.

Your points will be valid for 12 months from the date of your booking confirmation (aka checkout date) and will expire at midnight on the final day of the 12 month. For example, 150 points earned from a booking made on 11/10/22, will expire at 10/10/2023 at 00:00.

Treatwell Rewards loyalty vouchers are valid for one month. This expiry date can not be extended.

The Treatwell Rewards Loyalty programme exists in all countries where Treatwell is available, so points can be redeemed in any qualifying market.

When you want to use your points, they become wallet credit. This means you can use your voucher to pay for your treatment, as if you were selecting to use a gift card for example. Loyalty vouchers can only be redeemed on bookings that are pre-paid via the app, and can not be redeemed on bookings where 'pay at venue' is selected. Loyalty discount vouchers can be redeemed even if a booking includes an offer/discount from the salon. Loyalty vouchers can not be used in conjunction with any other Treatwell promotional code or voucher.

Still got questions that haven't been answered? You can reach out to our amazing customer service team, here, at any time.

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