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Wax. As well as being excellent for hair removal and chapped lips, wax is the best way get skin as soft as baby. If you haven’t yet tried a paraffin wax treatment, allow us to enlighten you. This delightful treatment is designed to moisturise and soften your skin while providing therapeutic heat for sore and aching joints. Whether you suffer from arthritis or simply want to revitalise your dry skin, it’s time to wax up...

What to expect from paraffin wax treatments?

After choosing a salon, your experienced therapist will show you into a private treatment room where they’ve prepared, you guessed it, the wax. You can expect the atmosphere to be cosy and relaxed, with soft lighting and comfortable furniture... the aim here is serenity. We feel less tense just thinking about it! Once you’re all settled in, you’ll be asked to dip your hands or feet into the warm melted wax a few times to ensure your hands and feet are fully coated. Note: if you opt to have the treatment on your back instead, your therapist will apply it directly to your skin. Next, your therapist will wrap your hands, feet or back in plastic, leaving them to soak in the layer of soothing wax for up to 30 minutes. This may sound slightly odd, but trust us when we say your skin will thank you for it! While you wait for the wax to work its magic, you’ll be treated to an aromatherapy experience, too, with calming oils like lavender and ylang ylang. Ahh… But the perks don’t end there. Once you’ve soaked up all the waxy goodness, your therapist will gently take the hardened wax off. Cue the big reveal! Not only will you have soft and moisturised skin, but the light waterproof coating that remains will help you retain the natural, beneficial oils produced by your body.

Good to know

  • A paraffin wax treatment is the ideal accompaniment to a manicure or pedicure. Why not treat yourself to both? You deserve it!
  • If you suffer from hypertension, varicose veins or diabetes, a paraffin wax treatment isn’t for you.
  • The same rule applies to those with burns, rashes or dermatitis.
  • Those particularly sensitive to heat should also sit this one out - although fear not, the wax used is a pleasant, warming temperature.

The sciencey stuff

Physiotherapists have been singing paraffin wax’s praises for years. It has the power to reduce the swelling in muscles, decrease inflamed joints and improve circulation. Because of the paraffin oil component in the wax, it can melt at a lower temperature (no more than 125 degrees), allowing the skin to be immersed into the wax without blistering or burning. The warmth of the wax loosens up your joints, lessening your pain and leaving your hands, feet or back feeling noticeably better.

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