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Nette salon.
Mooie wimpers, fijne gesprekken gehad! zeker een aanrader
Vanessa is definitely THE BEST eyelash extension profession I have ever had in the NL. (Trust me, I experienced at least 6 different shops and 8 different ppl) She discussed thoroughly with me about what I want and explained to me the differences between the options I can choose. While she was doing the extension, I felt asleep because she was super gentle. And when the extension is done, I could just easily open my eyes without any pain!!In my previous horrible experiences, lots of times I just couldn’t open my eyes because all the lashes were stuck and stick with each other, so the girl just had to pull my lashes off and that hurt like hell.... The outcome is exactly what I want!!! Super super super beautiful!!! Thank you Sooooo much Vanessa!!
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