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Geschreven door onze klanten, zodat je weet wat je kunt verwachten bij elke salon.
It was fantastic! I left feeling 5cm taller! Nikoletta is extremely friendly and kind. I felt very at ease with her and I would recommend her to anyone! Especially if it’s your first time, she explains everything she’s doing and makes sure you are not in pain throughout the massage! I had the 90min full body massage and I’ll sure be returning for more! Highly, highly recommend!
De massages van Nikoletta zijn heel erg goed! Ze denkt met je mee qua wat voor jouw lijf goed is en zorgt voor een ontspanning sfeer. Echt een aanrader!
Nikoletta made me feel welcome and relaxed. The deeptissue massage was an hour of winding down, getting into my body and out of my head. I would definitely recommend booking a massage here!
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ABOUT ME My name is Nikoletta, the owner and creator of Soul Trusting Massage. I was born and grew up in Hungary, in a house located near Budapest and surrounded by nature. There was also a forest, where we used to go for long walks with my Grandmother almost every weekend. During these walks she taught me a lot about medicinal herbs and edible wild plants. If I did not feel well, I could always go to her and ask what I could do to feel better. And her advice always helped. I didn't know at the time how this experience was going to change my life 20 years later. After finishing my studies I started working in diverse corporate environments. My life was all about creative projects, events and marketing campaigns. Sounds like a real successful and trendy career path which a young professional can take. But I was not satisfied at all. Well, that is not 100% correct. My ego was satisfied but on the other hand I just felt like I was slowly losing my real self. Endless therapy sessions, trauma work, meditation, learning to cope with stress, past traumas and the corporate lifestyle. I was closer and closer to my real self, but not close enough yet. I moved to the Netherlands to start everything from scratch. And here we were again... creative projects, events and marketing campaigns. But that time was different. I started to remember all the things which I had learned from my Grandmother about herbs and plants. And that made me excited. I realised the power of the knowledge she gave me. And then the journey began. First I discovered the world of aromatherapy. I learned a lot about how to use essential oils and herbs to become healthier, happier and feel more energetic naturally. This time I met with Lóczi Márta, holistic therapist, certified naturopath and massage instructor. She became my mentor and I successfully completed multiple massage therapy courses and became a certified massage therapist at the Holistic Healing Centre Massage Education, Budapest. To gain additional knowledge next to my certification, I followed a Reiki I, II & Master course from Lisa Power. I also undertook further training courses to specialise in Pregnancy Massage, organised by Christine Sutherland. I finally feel like I am closer and closer to my life’s path. Connecting and helping people through massage, energy, touch, herbs, meditation, workshops, trauma work, aromatherapy. I am here to help you.




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Soul Trusting Massage
Noorderhaven 57

At Soul Trusting Massage in Groningen you can balance your body and mind with a relaxing massage experience. Massage therapist Nikoletta combines traditional massage with aromatherapy and energy techniques to make sure you let go of stress and both body and mind can unwind.

At the salon you will feel at home straight away and Nikoletta will take the best care of you. You will leave the salon feeling relaxed and energized again. So boost your mood with some me time and book a well deserved relaxing massage.


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