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Geschreven door onze klanten, zodat je weet wat je kunt verwachten bij elke salon.
The woman who runs the shop couldn’t be nicer. The shop was very clean and she was so warm and friendly and sweet. However I think the manicure wasn’t the best. She nicked my cuticles in a few spots. And the gel manicure came out a bit uneven and sloppy. I hate saying this because she was so lovely. But maybe some honest feedback could be helpful.
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Heel erg tevreden. Aangeraden salon!
Ik mis een voetenbad. Dat hoort bij een pedicure behandeling. Ook jammer dat er niet een beetje eelt werd weggehaald. Hoort ook wem bij een standaard behandeling. En jammer dat er geen basecoat is gebruikt bij het lakken (geen gellak maar gewone lak). Beschermt de nagels net even beter.
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Best nail salon experience so far ! First time that the technician taking care of me speaks English, and therefore can explain everything she’s doing and suggest new things and chat. 100% coming back.
The place is nice, staff friendly...all started very promising. Unfortunately the results were awful. It took 2.5 hours rather than 1.5...the filing machine didn’t work properly, the tips kept breaking off in the end my nails looked terrible. To be fair, they did offer to do them over...but I didn’t have any confidence so went somewhere else to get them replaced. Big waste of time and money.