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Geschreven door onze klanten, zodat je weet wat je kunt verwachten bij elke salon.
The therapist was friendly and professional. Will come back!
This was my first visit to Senzera & definitely coming back; the salon is stunning, clean & very stylish. Only to be toped by their staffs expertise & good service.
Tijdens de behandeling dacht ik al te voelen dat er niet mee de haar-richting mee gesugard werd. Helaas klopte dat, resultaat: allemaal gebroken haartjes, al veel nieuwe dikke haartjes en veel ingegroeide plekjes :(! Zó zonde, want ik sugar al jaren omdat scheren slecht is - maar heb nu hetzelfde resultaat.
I did bikini sugaring and it was THE most painful experience I ever had. Don’t get me wrong, the beautician was super kind, ambiance and cleanliness was great. I just used to come here when Vianen was working and you can tell the difference between years or months of experience. It’s frustrating because I thought I had found my place. Now I literally got bruises on my vulva because of pulling the sugar without tightening my skin. I’m very sorry but maybe I’m too sensitive to practice on..
This was my second time for a massage at Senzera. I had a lovely massage at Senzera by Natali. She was very kind and created a relaxed atmosphere that made me feel at ease right away. I have sensitive skin so she used products that did not have a lot of perfume in them. The service of Senzera is great and the staff is amazing!