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If you dream of beautifully curled lashes all long and doll-like, then this beauty secret is about to get you (very) excited. Eyelash perming promises weeks of curly lashes without the help of gloopy mascara or fiddly fake lashes.

What to expect from an eyelash perm?

First, the lashes are cleansed to remove excess makeup and wrapped around rods or mini foam rollers. Remember that the smaller the rod, the tighter the curl. Once safe and secure, your esthetician will spread a perming lotion over your eyelashes using a disposable brush. Next, lashes are covered with a plastic pad before being heated then removed. This step is repeated, but using neutralising solution, and left on for 10 to 15 minutes. You’re nearly there now. Last few bits include wiping everything away and adding a moisturising cream to calm and cool the eyes. Ta-da! Hello, enviable-looking lashes, where have you been all our lives?

Good to know

  • How long does eyelash perming last? Well, depending on how fast or slow your lashes grow, your newfound curl should keep until your lashes have been replaced. It’s a gradual process, so you won’t notice any half straight, half curl action midway through.
  • Eyelash perming isn't FDA approved. It is important that you research your chosen salon and make yourself aware of the potential risks involved that come with an eyelash perm. Eyes and the surrounding skin are very delicate parts of the body. Visiting an inexperienced esthetician may result in serious lash damage, so choose wisely.
  • The lash perm solution used might be a bit smelly, but that only means that the chemicals are doing their job!

Is it for me?

Perfect if you want to shave time off your beauty routine, or you simply want to build a canvas for a flawless make-up look, eyelash perming can help turn straight lashes into works of art; making them appear thicker and fuller for longer. Psst! Eyelash perming works particularly well alongside eyelash tints to better accentuate that cat-like effect. Meow...

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