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Sure, you’ve perfected the art of a classic eyeliner flick, but what about those occasions that call for something extra special? Ideal for us ladies who’d like to up our makeup game, professionally applied makeup is a great way to boost your confidence - enhancing your natural features to create a more polished you.

Whether you’ve got a big night planned and you want makeup to impress, or you’d like to learn a thing or two from the makeup pros, most beauticians offer full makeup looks to complement your theme. Special occasions? This definitely calls for a more specialised job! Are you all about that simple makeup look? Daytime makeup is applied in 20 to 30 minutes and it highlights your natural features and conceals any blemishes or flaws without making you look overly made up. A little bit of mascara and (liquid) eyeliner will complete your everyday look. The best thing about daytime makeup is the ease at which you can transform it into a festive nighttime or party makeup look. Have you ever tried smoky eyes tutorials, only to end up looking like a panda? Thanks to the expertise of the makeup artist, your best features are enhanced and your makeup will not melt (yikes!) right off your face halfway through the day.

What to expect from a makeup session?

Try and nab an appointment early as important dates (think festive season) can often be your salon’s busiest period. Once booked in and ready to get glam, your makeup artist will carefully select products designed to work with your skin tone and type. This is where you can talk through your preferred look and any colours or techniques you wish he or she to use. It’s a good idea to bring along any pictures you like from magazines or online to help them recreate your desired look. If you've ever wanted to emulate a particular photo or style, now's the time to do it.

Good to know

Each makeup artist has their own individual flair and will most likely present you with a face chart that allows you to recreate your finished look at home. You’ll leave looking truly fabulous and armed with newfound tips and tricks set to dazzle and delight.

For makeup treatments with true staying power, you may want to consider permanent or semi-permanent makeup such as eyelash or eyebrow tints. You’ll be able to choose from loads of different effects, as well as treatments to add shape, life and definition. Say goodbye to costly makeup products and wasted time in the morning!

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