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Schaepmanstraat 104, Amsterdam, 1051JG - Onderdeel van Zohar Steg Acupuncture & Shiatsu Oil Massage
Vandaag open: 12:00 - 21:00

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Geschreven door onze klanten, zodat je weet wat je kunt verwachten bij elke salon.
Na 3 behandeling voelde me fysiek beter. Zijn adviezen waren op hun plek terecht en zo kon hij mij goed helpen. Ik beveel hem aan.
Professional kind and safe
The combination of a shiatsu massage and acupuncture is superb.
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Owner and acupuncturist
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My name is Zohar Steg, I was born in Israel and as of today, I live in Holland, happily married and enjoying my three lovely daughters. In 1998, upon graduation from Chinese medicine in Israel, I began to practice the profession, while making sure to expand my professional knowledge with the help of courses and professional training and thus, I was exposed to other acupuncture methods that I apply at the clinic today. In addition, I was privileged to train new generations of acupuncturists at the Open University of Israel and at other professional frames. In 2019, I attended a training in acupuncture technique, which completely changed my approach towards Chinese acupuncture. It was the FSN acupuncture technique, developed by Dr. Zhonguha Fu, which is based on stimulating the hypodermis layer. As usual, I immediately applied this technique at my private clinic. The impressive results were not late to arrive, and I was certain I found the way to help my patients. However, to my surprise, in many cases, I faced objections for this treatment, both because of fear from the FSN needle, and from strong pains that occurred at some of the patients the next day. The competence to carry an answer for patients suffering from pain, some of them chronic, and the exceptional effectiveness of the method, made me highly motivated to find solutions to the difficulties, which made my patients back away from treatment using this technique. Indeed, I found a non-threatening needle that does not fall short of the effectiveness of the FSN needle. Moreover, I found a way to maximize the treatment’s effectiveness, even outside the clinic, by using Kinesio Tape. As of today, I don’t come across any objection for using this technique among my patients who experience this treatment similarly to an ordinary acupuncture experience. On the contrary, the IPRA123 method’s effectiveness and its results makes more and more patients who suffer from pains, some of them chronic that escort them along the years, to look for a solution to their suffering in my clinic. In conclusion, it is important for me to say that for me, Chinese medicine was always and will always be fascinating and effective, and when it comes to systematic problems which involve the entire body, I still find the traditional acupuncture as highly effective. Either way, when it comes to orthopedic problems, the IPRA123 method’s effectiveness and its fast and impressive results turn it to be the preferable and correct method to use. Sincerely, Zohar.



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Gil Ton has been a Chinese medicine practitioner, educator, and researcher since 2011. He spent a total of seven years in Asia, where he received substantial and unique academic and clinical practice skills in acupuncture. ​ Between 2011 and 2012, he studied and interned with Prof. Wang Ju-Yi the Medical Theory of Acupuncture Channels in Beijing, China, and between 2015 and 2021, he completed his postgraduate degrees under the supervision of Professor Yu-Chen Lee, the director of the Acupuncture department, and worked as a lecturer and research fellow at China Medical University's Graduate Institute of Acupuncture Science. ​ During his time in Taiwan, he learned Taiwan Master Tung Acupuncture with Prof. Lee Kuo Cheng. “In 2021 he studied and interned with Mr. Zohar Steg the IPRA123 methodHis research interests include acupuncture science, the function of connective tissue in the theory of channels and collaterals, and the clinical and cost-effectiveness benefits of acupuncture treatment. He authored five research papers on acupuncture, laser acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine.




De Zijderoute - Amsterdam
Schaepmanstraat 104
1051JG Amsterdam

Zohar is a passionate and qualified acupuncture and shiatsu therapist with many years of professional experience. Before moving to the Netherlands he was a well-know therapist in Israel, owning a big clinic and teaching Chinese medicine for about ten years at the open university of Tel Aviv and another well known Chinese medicine school. His goal is to make you feel better! In his Amsterdam clinic full attention is given to each patient. Both acupuncture and shiatsu can help relieving different physical and psychical pathologies. These treatments also restore your energetic balance, simply making you feel good. Zohar is member of the Professional Association ZHONG. Most treatments are covered by most of the health insurance companies.


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